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Monday, July 21, 2014

Style Inspiration: I Get It from My Mommy

Meet the lady behind my love for fashion, My Mommy.  As far back as I can remember she has always stressed the importance of looking and feeling like a lady.  I wore lace dresses on special occasions, my closets always had pink sweaters, shirts and skirts and my skirts and dresses always came to my knees. I was always a well dressed girl.  There have been times when I was rebellious to these rules,  but I am happy to say, I've always return to her teachings and everyday I understand her Southern Belle style more and more. I find myself looking in her closet for pieces to finish my outfits now.

For example last week, she wore this great blazer from Belk's Crown & Ivy Collection.  
The blazer retail for $99.00,  but we got it for $34.98; Yes folks she taught me how to shop on a budget also. 

This Navy/White blazer has a crisp white ribbon trim that looks so perfect for summer. 
 I had to copy her look, but with my spin on it...... of course. 

Mom wore a clean white crepe skirt with a white shell and silver sandals and accessories.
I decided to go with white shorts and tank, strappy nude sandals and vintage handbag with gold accent pieces. 

Now, I wont get a mad if you say she wore it better.  I kinda of think so to.

Blazer: Belk's Crown and Ivy Collection
Tank: Target
Shorts: Dillard's
Shoes: DSW
Accessories: Vintage and Thrift

Friday, July 18, 2014



Finally had a chance to clean out my closet and here are just a few items now available. 
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Now Available

Now Available

Sunday, July 13, 2014

30 PlusStyle: Cutting It Short

HAPPY MONDAY LUVS!!!!! We're back with another installment of  #30PlusStyle.  This time we cut it short with our favorite looks with shorts.  I must admit, I rarely....rarely wear shorts and I was going to challenge myself this summer by adding them to my wardrobe and seeing where it takes me.  For this challenge, I went with this summer's trend of  Kimonos and Shorts.  I love the great bohemian vibe it's playing out on the fashion scene right now and so far I've collected about four great kimonos that are great coverage  pieces and stylish. 
I hope you like! 

        There is something about the boho look that screams ease and effortless to me.

My Kimono is a 100% Silk Tommy Bahamas Robe that retails for about $100,  but I got it for $6.99 at the local Goodwill.  Also this robe is a size S/M and fits perfectly, I didn't have a need to close it.  The Owl tee is part of my graphic tee collection.  I picked it up at the local Burke store for $5.99.  The shorts are from the Lee's No Gap collection. A great short for ladies with extended bottom like myself.  They come with a high waist fit and little to no riding in the inner thigh (just so you know).  I got theses about a year ago from Walmart for $12.99.  The great addition to this ensemble are my Nude Strappy babies by Tahari.  The heel is a great height for me plus comfort and style are added benefits to this summer style staple. 

Outfit Details
Kimono/Robe: Thrifted- Check out the Sleepwear section
Tee: Burke's
Shorts: Old
Shoes: Tahari-DSW

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Currently Obsessed: Relaxed Crop Tops and Midi Skirts

Happy Friday Eve!!!!!!! I have been obsessing over a couple trending looks this month, that I have to share with you.  And the best part....these are items you may already have in your closet.  Like I said in my last post, I recently recovered my beloved Summer wardrobe from my storage since my move and I can honestly say, I have been finding items that I complete forgot about....shameful I know, but it's such a surprise to see these items.

Currently, I am in love this summer with "love" graphic items.  My second love is the crop top and midi trend, not to take anything away from the pencil skirt,  but this look is more friendly to Ms. Tuckus. If your are looking for something to hide your fuller bottom, this is your best approach.

I paired a great It's Fashion Metro find ($4.99) with a thrifted Venezia (Old  Lane Bryant label) full skirt, which still has a great color and drapes my curves beautifully.

 The outfit total is $10 not including the accessories. 

What you think?

Outfit Details
Top: It's Fashion Metro 
Skirt: Thrift Similar ( Eshakti)
Handbag: Thrift
Shoes: Shoe Station